• Suitable to reduce noise level in air-conditioning or ventilation systems, in commercial or industrial applications.

• Structure made from galvanised sheet steel, with highly absorbent sound attenuating lining between the outer and inner perforated steel casing.

• Thickness of the absorbent sound attenuating lining:

– 50mm up to 400mm size.

– 75mm from 450mm size.

• Available in two models:

– DENP without pod, with differing lengths: 1D = 1 time diameter, 2D = 2 times  diameter.

– DEP with pod, with differing lengths: 1D = 1 time diameter, 2D = 2 times diameter.

• Internal pod made from perforated steel with a sound absorbent infill. The velocity should not exceed 15m/s.

• Melinex version suitable to prevent grease impregnation into the acoustic media, available on standard models, only.

• For bolting directly to fan flange or to flanged circular ducts.

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