Aerauliqa is pleased to present QUANTUM NEXT, the second generation of decentralised heat recovery units.

Energy efficient, minimalist design, silent operation and quick to install, the QUANTUM NEXT has been designed with advanced technological features that offer the end-user a higher level of functionality. The QUANTUM NEXT also constantly monitors the environmental conditions and automatically adapts to suit them.

  • automatic management of the airflow inversion time (comfort mode) which, depending on the temperature variation, self-adjusts to guarantee the best thermal and acoustic comfort.
  • advanced humidity control that monitors the relative humidity level and only intervenes if the standard environmental conditions are compromised.
  • anti-freeze protection to prevent the formation of ice on the exchanger.
  • double filtration system.
  • easy controllability thanks to the remote control with LCD display that allows you to manage the different functions and to view the status of the unit.
  • magnetic system for hooking/uncoupling the ventilation unit in order to carry out maintenance and cleaning operations with maximum simplicity and safety.
  • 5 operating speed options.
  • free-cooling mode.
  • dedicated and simplified protocol for communication between multiple units.

“QUANTUM NEXT represents the evolution of the decentralised VMC concept” says Sabrina Roberti, Aerauliqa’s Product & Marketing Manager, “It is developed to offer a higher level of comfort to the user”.

Designed and manufactured in Italy, QUANTUM NEXT is available in Ø150mm and is supplied with an infrared remote control with touch technology, ventilating unit with support base, telescopic tube adaptable to walls with different thicknesses, and external grid with drip-stop system; a combination of elements designed to make installation extremely simple and fast.

The new Quantum NEXT will be presented for the first time at the Klimahouse 2018 exhibition in Bolzano (stand 05/26, 24-27 January).

For more information, see the product sheet.

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